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Trent Pirihi

Head Strength Coach, Director

Inspired By The United States Strength And Conditioning Scene

Inner Athlete was created to fill the gap I had when I was growing up. The training, support, and mentoring were the areas I wish I had all under one roof.

As a former fat kid that was limited physically and mentally, I understand the struggles of trying to keep up in team and individual sports.

When I eventually found the right mentors, coaches, support network and the right environment to train in, I was able to thrive!

Inner Athlete is based from my experience in the USA at the Division 1 College level and the semi-private training from U.S. private strength and conditioning sector.

We specialize in helping youth athletes, teens and neurodiverse youth achieve their health, fitness and performance goals and reach their full potential!

Inner Athlete Coaching Team

David Dobson

Head Strength Coach

Zoe Smith

Strength Coach

Matt Hucul

Strength Coach

Jack Courtie

Strength Coach

Effective and safe youth athlete development

Strength coaches who specialize in youth athlete development and mentoring

  • Overcome injuries and setbacks

  • Achieve Personal Bests

  • Be mentored from leading strength coaches

  • Train in a safe and supervised environment

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  • Benefit your clients get when they work with you

  • Benefit your clients get when they work with you

  • Benefit your clients get when they work with you

  • Benefit your clients get when they work with you

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