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  • Cold Weather Warm-ups and Avoiding Injury

    Cold Weather Warm-ups and Avoiding Injury

    As it gets colder in Melbourne, it can be more discouraging to get out to exercise/train. This also applies to sport training. The cold weather is more likely to increase the risk of injury if we're not appropriately physically prepared to train. And if we overheat, we increase the risk of injury as well. Here's three reasons why you should adapt your warm-up based on weather conditions. Reason 1 The same warm-up you always perform is usually designed for ideal conditions. If we only spend 5 minutes warming up when it's 8 degrees outside and no heating indoors, we can guarantee you won't be warm at all. As your body temperate is lower, you'll require more time to warm up to feel ....

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  • Why Overcoming Injuries Can Be a Blessing In Disguise

    Why Overcoming Injuries Can Be a Blessing In Disguise

    Injuries suck when you get them when you're playing or training in a sport you enjoy. It's like something taking the life from you. However, there is a strong 'silver-lining' when it comes to sustaining and overcoming injuries in sport and life. 1. It forces you to re-evaluate your current training routine It breaks away from the monotony of what training can be and it gives you the opportunity to work on areas you would normally avoid. 2. You can develop resiliency Injuries are a set-back and prevent us from making further progress. But it really becomes the ideal opportunity to overcome adversity. Once you have over come the injury and are back playing, it becomes a very ....

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  • The 3 Issues That Need To Stop In Sporting Clubs In Victoria...And The Solutions To Fix It!

    The 3 Issues That Need To Stop In Sporting Clubs In Victoria...And The Solutions To Fix It!

    Issue 1 - Running around the outside of the field as a warm-up lap This promotes poor running mechanics as it's usually half-arsed, and this time could be better used to take them through a structured warm-up designed to get them better prepared for training or performance. Solution - get straight into a structured dynamic warm-up. Enables you to spend more time doing drills and tactical work. Issue 2 - Recovering with your hands on your head, coaches say this is 'a sign of weakness' This couldn't be further away from the truth. The research makes the recommendations to not do it as it impedes the Diaphragm from functioning optimally, thus reducing the capacity of the air we ....

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  • Choosing the Right Gym For Results

    Choosing the Right Gym For Results

    The fitness industry is an interesting place, we have the highest gym/training facility numbers per captia in the world! So this is great news for everyone to find their own place to train at. However, this can become too confusing knowing where to train and what services you require to help you achieve your goals. A commercial/big-box gym is what many people will think of when joining a gym for the first time. It's easy to get onto the equipment with ease, plenty of variety, and they're accessible at all hours of the day. This is good until you find out you may be wasting time, or have no clue how to train safely or effectively. This is where qualified and experienced trainers and ....

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  • The Simple Steps to Sleep Better and Increase Your Productivity and Performance

    The Simple Steps to Sleep Better and Increase Your Productivity and Performance

    Alongside nutrition, sleep is one of the key pillars of effective recovery. Whether you are an elite athlete, amateur athlete, weekend warrior, or just an average Joe, sleep is one of the most important things in your life and everyone can reap the benefits of improving sleep quality. We put so much effort into creating routines and habits for our exercise, healthy eating, work, money spending, and social lives. So why should we treat our bedtime routines any differently? The average adult spends about 25 years of their life just sleeping, so I know it is worth the effort to take your sleep a little more seriously. Let's talk about how you can create an effective sleep routine and enjoy ....

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  • 7 Top Tips to Improve Nutrition and Sporting Performance for Youth Athletes

    7 Top Tips to Improve Nutrition and Sporting Performance for Youth Athletes

    Inner Athlete held it's first face-to-face seminar since the lockdowns last weekend. Laura McMullin, Sports Dietitian presented on 'Nutritional Needs for Youth Athletes'. With wellbeing on the rise, it's important to consider nutrition in the equation. Here's Laura's top tips: 1. Get the foundations right! Hit your target serves from the 5 food groups from the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. These recommended serves are the minimum to make sure you're getting the appropriate fuel and micronutrients to support healthy development. Getting the foundations of your diet right is key to being a high performer. 2. Watch your intake to the amount of activity you are going to do Got a ....

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  • Avoid Hospital and Take Care of Yourself

    Avoid Hospital and Take Care of Yourself

    This might ruffle a few feathers... But ask the question what type of people are going in and coming out of hospitals. Do they eat foods to support their daily energy and optimise function? Do they get in the suggested 10,000 steps a day? Do they lift weights to protect themselves from injury, and lifestyle related diabetes? Are they getting enough sleep to support the normal function of living on caffeine and other substances to get themselves feeling 'normal'? We've got 1 member who has been with us for over 16 months. To paraphrase her "It's given me 10 years of my life back!". She has grandkids. Her doctor is happy with her progress. She works full-time. She loves training at ....

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  • Common Warm Up Exercises to Avoid So You Don't Get Lower Back Pain

    Common Warm Up Exercises to Avoid So You Don't Get Lower Back Pain

    This is for all the AFL, Soccer, and Runners of the world... Having a structured warm-up is critical for injury prevention and preparing the body to perform at a high level, there are some exercises that would be seen as more detrimental than beneficial. Forward leg swings are on the list of having little benefit no true benefit, just read on to hear our case. Observing local, junior and semi-professional sport we without fail see the lower-back being cranked on into extension to get the foot back as far as possible when the dynamic foot swings back. On the forward part of the movement, the lower back goes through flexion and this is when we experience tension through the hamstrings ....

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  • Taking Small Steps Towards Huge Weight Loss

    Taking Small Steps Towards Huge Weight Loss

    How many times have you said, "I want to lose X kilos by the end of the year" and have failed to achieve this goal? An outcome goal is a big goal you want to achieve. The bigger picture. "I want to lose 12 kilos this year". But it can be extremely demotivating when you don't achieve this goal, and you might never try again. "Shoot for the stars, but land on the moon". Progress goals are the small steps that you take to achieve a larger goal. They are based around the actions and tasks that you can control focus more around achieving smaller milestones. You focus on taking one step at a time. Let's say you want to lose 12kg in 12 months, a goal that is achievable with some hard work and ....

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  • Test, Measure and Progress

    Test, Measure and Progress

    Last weekend, we conducted our 2nd Combine (fitness testing) which identifies the athlete's strength and areas of improvement. You can do some form of assessment on yourself to identify the progress/strengths and the weaknesses/areas to improve on in your life. This enables you to continue to make progress in the right direction to ultimately achieve your goals...as long as you take the right form of consistent action! Tracking body weight, food and your training is an easy way to keep track and measure if you are actually making progress. This goes the same for your work. There are certain tasks that need to be tracked/ completed to reach an objective. Many people attend gyms with the ....

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