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  • The Athlete/Coach Relationship Is Understated In the Athletic/Sporting World

    The Athlete/Coach Relationship Is Understated In the Athletic/Sporting World

    The Athlete/Coach relationship is understated in the athletic/sporting world. Here's why... Ariarne Titmus's 1st gold medal in Tokyo caused quite a stir, for the right reasons. The reaction of her coach Dean Boxall was something to behold and became a household name and worldwide meme. This moment in time has highlighted the importance of the relationship between the athlete and coach. If we break it down, the athlete's job is to perform within the competition. The coach's role is to guide and prepare the athlete for competition. A simple recipe. Not easily done. With Coach Dean, Ariarne has admitted "he knows me better than I know myself I think". This highlights the importance of ....

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  • Is The Beep Test Even Useful For Today's Athletes?

    Is The Beep Test Even Useful For Today's Athletes?

    We think this is a standard test everyone has done in their lifetime. Some for Phys Ed class, others for team fitness testing. Without going into all the intricacies of the test, today's sports coaches are questioning whether it's even worth doing in the first place. The issue is the specificity of the actual test itself, it's not sport-specific. We don't know any sports that are continuous in running shuttles. All court and field-based sports may have repeated efforts that are intermittent in nature with varying work and rest periods. There are tests that are better representative of fitness for athletes which include the Yo-Yo IRT. Yes, there are also many more aerobic fitness tests ....

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  • A Beginner's Guide To Running

    A Beginner's Guide To Running

    So you want to start running? Check out these 4 tips before you head out the door: 1. Synchronize our breathing Sync your breathing and steps to create a comfortable rhythm and flow to your running. Start by running at an easy pace to allow yourself to grow and progress, rather than wheezing for air after the first few minutes. To help manage your pace you can autoregulate your effort by using your breath. By breathing in for 3 steps and then back out for 3 steps you can create a synergy with your cardiorespiratory system. When the breathing becomes laboring and you feel yourself needing to gasp for air, you know that you're pushing yourself too hard. Slow your running down until your ....

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  • Three Important Strategies to Prepare Young Athletes for Sporting Success

    Three Important Strategies to Prepare Young Athletes for Sporting Success

    As young athletes the world of sport and achieving success can be a daunting and challenging experience. We often see the genetically gifted or naturally talented athletes becoming professionals, and sometimes we don't acknowledge the hard work or simple daily habits that it takes to get there. The message of hard work and putting your head down and grinding are well intended in nature, however this can result in young athletes exhausting themselves through unguided work. This is where incorporating these three strategies can really set up young athletes for long term success and give them an edge over their competitors. #1 Using a training log A training log is a tool to record and ....

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  • Does Your Teen Run Funny?

    Does Your Teen Run Funny?

    Before reading this blog I'd like the parents reading this to answer a series of questions with YES or NO. Does your teen run funny or look a bit uncoordinated? Does your teen get puffed out quickly? Does your teen's knees wobble or collapse inwards when running? Does your teen's ankles turn inward or outwards? Does your teen get injured often when playing sport? If the answer is YES to any of these questions, please read on... Answering YES to any of these questions is concerning. There is a high chance that your child is lacking strength, mobility and/or body control necessary for optimal running mechanics that are crucial for sport performance and injury prevention. Poor running ....

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  • Importance of Youth Athletes Learning the 'Fundamentals of Movement'

    Importance of Youth Athletes Learning the 'Fundamentals of Movement'

    The 'Fundamentals of Movement' are natural and functional movements that humans perform for physical tasks. These fundamentals include: Running Jumping Throwing Catching Skipping Changing directions; and A number of strength based movements essential for human physical activity, health, daily tasks, sport performance and preventing injuries. The strength-based movements uses major muscles groups in the lower body, upper body and core. These movements involve pushing and pulling type movements such as: Squat Deadlift Vertical push and pull Horizontal push and pull, and Ability to stabilise the body's core and stabilising muscles. These movements are all essential for daily tasks, ....

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  • Why the RICE is Outdated

    Why the RICE is Outdated

    The R.I.C.E. protocol (Rest, Ice Compression, Elevation) for injury management is outdated Dr Mirkin developed this protocol in 1978, and he said in 2014 that there has been more recent research that shows both ice and complete rest may delay healing instead of helping. And that compression and elevation has it's place if done correctly. Let us explain these claims further. I wanted to share an experience I had playing basketball recently. I was feeling physically really good, no recent injuries or issues. I was playing well until the 2nd half, I unfortunately rolled my ankle when trying to change direction suddenly and caused an ankle sprain. It bloody hurt and I struggled to weigh ....

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  • Early Specialisation and Overuse Injuries

    Early Specialisation and Overuse Injuries

    FACT: 50% of sport related injuries that occur among youth are a result from overuse We wanted to share some insights on what we are seeing far too often while working with young athletes. That is overtraining and overuse injuries are way to prevalent in sport. In fact, 50% of sport related injuries that occur among the youth are a result from overuse. This means that 50% of young athletes are getting sport related injuries due to overuse of sport related movements. These high volume, high intensity, and repetitive movements are causing wear and tear in young athlete's tendons, ligaments, muscles and even bones. We have seen this way to often and it's really frustrating because this can ....

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  • 5 Tips to Keep Healthy and Active During Lockdown

    5 Tips to Keep Healthy and Active During Lockdown

    Although we may have restricted access to gyms, fitness facilities and sporting venues. We have an opportunity to remain healthy and sometimes even more physically active. Here are 5 tips to keep you healthy and physically active during lockdown. Tip #1 Get More Sleep A lot of us may now be back working from home for a few days next week which means less commute time sitting in the car or on the train to and from work. This allows more time in the day for you! And hopefully allow you 1-2 more hours to sleep in or have a nap during the day. Sleep is so important for our overall health. Tip #2 Eat Good Quality Food You will also have more time to prepare and cook healthy meals in the ....

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  • The Importance of Protein in Youth Athletes

    The Importance of Protein in Youth Athletes

    Here's a quick reminder as to why you should be getting some form of protein at each meal. It's important to make sure you're consuming enough protein throughout the day at each meal time to support recovery and normal development as it cannot be stored in the body like carbs and fats can. Pictured are some dairy products that have high amounts of protein and might be a better substitute than what you're currently having. It's great to see more foods with a higher protein content. Yes this might be a marketing ploy, but adequate consumption is critical for all stages of our lives. These include: Muscle development Sport performance/recovery Hormones Immunity Fight age-related muscle ....

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