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Cheltenham's No. 1 Strength and Conditioning Gym for Youth Athletes and Teens!

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<span style="font-size:xx-large;">Cheltenham's No. 1 Strength and Conditioning Gym for Youth Athletes and Teens!</span>

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Strong, Fit & Lean For Teens

This program is designed to help transition teens into the gym with the support and guidance to safely and effectively get stronger and fitter under the guidance of our Youth Fitness Specialists.

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Teen athlete fitness training Cheltenham

Strength, Power, & Speed

Prepare for the season ahead and set yourself apart from the competition with our Strength, Power, & Speed Sports Performance Training in Cheltenham. Perfect for young athletes from 11 years +. This program covers the skills you need to thrive in a wide range of sports.

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Teen athlete fitness training Cheltenham

Inner Home Athlete

Unable to attend our strength and conditioning facility? Our online programming is the solution for young athletes! Be guided by your personal strength coach with your customized program and a weekly coaching call to prepare you for your next competition.

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Personal Training near Melbourne


Inner Athlete have been amazing for me! Not only am I able to move better on the tennis court, I feel fitter and stronger than ever....

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Personal Training near Melbourne


Very professional. Excellent coaches and mentors for teenagers. Programs have improved my son’s performance and strength dramatically....

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Personal Training near Melbourne


Inner Athlete has really made me a stronger swimmer and I have been seeing results both in and out of the pool. Thank you to the coaches for all their help....

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Personal Training near Melbourne


My training before I started with Inner Athlete was twice a week with my Rugby team and none in the off-season. Since training with Inner Athlete, I have noticed my general fitness has improved, as we...

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Personal Training near Melbourne


I have loved coming to Inner Athlete. The whole team is welcoming, professional and fun to be around, and make going to the gym productive and enjoyable. Inner Athlete has really helped me in a lot of...

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Personal Training near Melbourne


Before Inner Athlete, I always had pain in my knees, ankles and shins. Now I train pain free. The coaches always help and give their time to educate us. They care about our health and well-being. I no...

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- Your teen athlete is struggling to make progress in their sport
- Had set-backs from injuries which constantly affect their performance
- As a parent you want to ensure you are doing everything possible to see your teen succeed in their sport from a physical and mental perspective

At Inner Athlete, we've helped dozens of youth athletes achieve their goals to;

- Smash PBs in the pool and track
- Be selected for academy, state and national programs
- Return to play from injuries keeping them off the field

We design customised training programs that address;

- Identified weaknesses
- Improve strength, power, speed and agility
- Overcome their injuries


What makes Inner Athlete different from other gyms in the area?

We run what's called semi-private training model. It's the best of personal training and training in a small group. You're teamed up with a coach that aligns to your goals. They design your program based on the outcomes you want and the results of your assessment. At each  session we have 2 coaches on the floor and up to 8 members training. 

Who do you look after?

Youth athletes covering a variety of sports which include. Cycling, Tennis, Swimming, Rugby, Soccer, Track/Athletics, Australian Rules Football and Soccer. We also help many junior athletes who are new to the gym environment and want to improve their health, fitness, and well-being.

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on what your goals are. Many of our youth athletes see results in their sports performance  within  4 weeks. Parentses can see progressive changes in their child’s sporting performance within 4-6 weeks.

Who have you helped to achieve their results?

We've helped many of our youth athletes move to the next stage in their sporting career. Many of our swimmers have made nationals for the first time. Our Tennis players have been able to defeat internationally ranked players. We also have a Rugby League player who is playing in the starting line-up for the Queensland Cup competition. Two of our cyclists have achieved junior national times and are able to ride professionally in Australia.

This is a program I’d like my child to get involved in, but don’t have the time.

This is a common issue with parents being the uber drivers for their kids a majority, if not all of the time. Our session times are early in the morning and until 8 pm most nights, with Saturday sessions available. Members select the times they want to train with 31 x one-hour training sessions available for them to choose from. 

We also have a shower and kitchenette on-site so members can freshen up before school/work and quickly prepare their breakfast. If your child is struggling to fit it all in,then speak to Trent (Head Strength Coach) to see how your young athlete’s training program can be better managed and making sure it’s catered to their long-term success.

How do you look after your youth athletes?

This can take many forms.  Telegram is used to instantly communicate with our junior athletes outside of training at Inner Athlete. This ensures quick responses occur between our teens and coaches and situations can be addressed i.e. injuries, illness, share training loads, provide recovery solutions, etc. Parents are sent a written report every term to make sure they're across what's happening with their child.. This assures parents their young athlete is being fully supported.  

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