To stay in compliance with regulations, we're unable to train in person at this time. But we can still help you on your fitness journey!

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Fitness Training near Cheltenham Inner Athlete Offers Personalized Training Programs to Cheltenham

2020 Australian Fitness Awards' Boutique Fitness Business of the Year

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At Inner Athlete in Cheltenham, we make sure to provide each client with an individually tailored program. We take on the responsibility to account for your injury history, training experience, age, and medical conditions so that you only need to focus on reaching your goals in the best way possible. We offer three main training options based on a combination of these things. Check out our Strength, Power, & Speed program for young athletes looking to reach their peak performance. Or if you're a young professional wanting to make sure that you stay healthy and strong, try our Strong, Fit, & Lean program. And if none of those apply to you, we have our Healthy Lifestyle program for older adults looking to take back control of their body and their life.

All of our programs are held in a semi-private setting with no more than 8 participants in each session. This way, we're able to provide an individualised program for each person attending and we're able to review and adapt that program on a monthly basis to keep you progressing at the right pace. Each session is overseen by an experienced strength coach to provide personalized feedback every step of the way. Each one of our strength coaches hold a degree in either Exercise or Sports Science and have worked with many people just like you. Our packages range from 1 to 4 times a week depending on your goals and every package includes time efficient workouts, ongoing accountability and support, nutrition advice, and a community of physical and emotional support.

If all this isn't enough, you don't have to take our word for it. We were recently named the Boutique Fitness Business of the Year for 2020 by the Australian Fitness Awards. You can read all about that, and other media mentions we've been featured in, here.

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"Team Inner Athlete have honestly been a remarkable asset in my recovery from very bad health. Like so many others who suffer, I had addiction problems spread across the board and I was grossly over weight.

Their tailored approach to my mental health and fitness has enabled me to add routine and formed an important solid base line in my life. I have lost nearly 20kg in the last 6 months and I am back on track to feeling as fit and healthy as I have been in a long time.

I am also gratefully impressed in their agility to adapt to an online program platform so we can continue to maintain our health and well-being at home in these changing times."

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

James Woodcock

"I have a Rugby league background. Training at Inner Athlete has provided me with more confidence on the field and the ability to recover more quickly

I feel a lot stronger and more comfortable moving around. I’ve developed a different mindset of how to prepare my body. It’s made me more aware of my body in the gym and has translated positively on the field.

I feel great! Most proud of being able to squat freely without the fear of getting pain in my hip. I can press weights overhead without getting shoulder pain and I’m more confident in myself."

Nic Flocas
Vice Captain of Victorian Thunderbolts

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

Nic Flocas

"With a sore shoulder and sciatic nerve pain, I used to find it difficult getting out of bed in the mornings. All that’s changed and I’m playing my best golf ever! Mentally I feel so much better!"

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

Karen Etherton

"I was getting depressed, really tired in the evenings, no motivation and really embarrassed about my body to the point I didn’t take my top off for a year! I’ve now lost 12kgs. The biggest thing is my energy, my work production has gone through the roof, my brain is ticking over and I couldn’t have done it without Trent and the team at Inner Athlete."

Fitness Training near Cheltenham


"My training before I started with Inner Athlete was twice a week with my Rugby team and none in the off-season. Since training with Inner Athlete, I have noticed my general fitness has improved, as well as more strength throughout my whole body. This has been shown throughout my games with a lot more strength in my passing and tackling. I’m also able to play the whole game and feel as though I could go another 30 minutes."

Fitness Training near Cheltenham


"I have been training with Trent for about 8 months. I also have arthritis and have I found that doing strength training and mobility exercises have been really helpful in building strength around my lower back and knees which are my main problem areas. I have also lost 16kgs so far .

I am a nurse but I’m currently working in hospitality and training benefits both of those jobs to keep strong. Before I always had sore feet and back and didn’t really know what to do about it."

Fitness Training near Cheltenham


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Fitness Training near Cheltenham

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