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Youth Athlete Development Course

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Become A Leader In Training Youth Athletes

Learn the key elements of improving youth sporting performance safely.

This online course is specifically designed for:
Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, and Exercise Science students and graduates
Allied health professionals such as Physios, Osteos, EPs wanting to help athletes ‘return to play’


You will learn:
1. How Youth Athletic Development can be implemented to help improve sporting performance and prevent injuries.
2. Create plans and training programs to successfully implement Athletic Development practices for Youth Athletes.
3. How to coach, program, and develop muscular strength, conditioning, running performance, lower body power, agility, and much more…
4. Free Programs, templates, and resources to get you started implementing today with your athletes.

and much much more!

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 Feel confident that you’re designing and implementing safe athlete development training programs
 Further knowledge around how strength training is beneficial for youth athletes 
 Understand why athlete development is imperative for long-term success for all youth athletes

Understand the basic layout of the course and what is the role, moral, and ethical obligations of a strength and conditioning coach.

Understand the definition of ‘Youth athlete development’, the main goals of youth athlete development, and the long-term athlete development model and its application

Learn how to identify key characteristics within each sport, understand the use/application of screening/assessment tools, and know when to refer out to an allied health professional

Learn how we breathe and how important proper breathing mechanics are, learn how posture affects ability to breathe, and understand the effect of the autonomic nervous system can affect movement.

Importance of developing strength and power for improving sport performance, and understand the fundamentals of creating a program for youth athletes

Learn the 3 phases of linear speed, factors to improving running performance, and the key performance indicators to improving speed

Understand the importance of multidirectional speed in sport, the difference between change of direction and agility, and the key performance indicators for developing CoD and agility

Learn the fundamentals of jumping, landing & plyometrics and the application to improving sport performance

Learn the role sound nutrition plays in the youth athletes life in terms of sporting performance, growth/maturation, and recovery

You’ll learn how to put all 9 modules into practice to create a well rounded program designed to address the needs of the youth athlete.

Here’s Everything You’ll Have Access To When You Enroll Today:

  • 10 in-depth topics specific to developing young athletes created by youth fitness professionals.
  • On-demand practical videos to develop youth athletes
  • 100% online exams that are self-paced and allow you to be qualified anywhere in Australia
  • Lifetime access: self-paced study and continued support post accreditation
  • Bonus access to Nutrition for Youth Athletes seminar that is a powerful resource for coaches, parents, and athletes to better understand the role good nutrition plays in the youth athletes life

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“I’m a strength and conditioning coach at Coburn Football Club and also a strength coach at Inner Athlete. I decided to do this course as I wanted a broader understanding of all the different aspects of youth athlete development and just a lot more confidence.

I think the practical applications of this course were super helpful so that going through different drills and being able to implement them after theory has been discussed and also just having an open floor for discussion and asking questions as well. I say just do the course as it’s so helpful for your own confidence and just understanding all the different aspects of athlete development.”

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“I been a strength and conditioning coach for the past 3 years. The reason why I’m doing this course because as a youth I didn’t have all the information given to me about sport and youth athlete development. Now as a young adult, I want to express myself to other youth athletes and show them exactly how they should be training and the way in which they should be applying that to their sports.

Some of the benefits in attending this course is getting the knowledge for developing youth athletes from a young age and they can transition to young adults; awesome knowledge about how to develop youth athlete in their performance, agility, power and strength training.

For those considering doing this course, I think it’s a great way to get insight of how athlete development should work in regards to speed, agility and power and also to understand why youths should be training from a young age in order to benefit themselves for their future endeavours.”

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