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  • The Importance of Resistance Training for Older Women

    The Importance of Resistance Training for Older Women

    The benefits of resistance training is well documented and something that should be done by all, even older women. Often, older adults abandon the notion of strength training in their later years as typically it can be viewed as redundant or possibly dangerous. The typical view is that part of aging is a loss of strength. flexibility and balance although this doesn't have to be the case. Let me give you an example: Linda (60 year old) is a member of Inner Athlete and has been for the last 2 years. She initially came to us with issues with arthritis, inflammation, joint stiffness and being overweight. She is also a mother to 3 kids and a grandmother to 3 grandkids. But we found out her ....

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  • The 2 Step Process of Training Around Injuries

    The 2 Step Process of Training Around Injuries

    As we know, injuries are a part of sport and competition. In an ideal world, injuries and niggles would never occur but unfortunately they are prevalent in any athlete's life. It can be easy to feel downtrodden upon injury, although injury doesn't mean you sit around and heal up, there's always something you can do. Upon proper diagnosis and evaluation by a suitable health professional, training should resume in a collaborative effort between your coaches and your rehabilitation specialist. The first step is having an optimistic mindset: always looking for light at the end of the tunnel. This allows the most crucial aspect of an athletes injury process as maintaining a positive attitude ....

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  • Why Youth Athletes Need to Learn the 'Fundamentals of Movement'

    Why Youth Athletes Need to Learn the 'Fundamentals of Movement'

    'The Fundamentals of Movement' are natural and functional movements that humans perform to physical tasks. These include running, jumping, throwing, catching, skipping, changing directions and a number of strength based movements essential for human physical activity, health, daily tasks, sport performance and preventing injuries. The strength based movements include the lower body, upper body and core that involves pushing, pulling and bracing type movements such as a squat, deadlift, vertical push & pull, horizontal push and pull and ability to stabilise the body's core. All fundamental movements utilise our major muscle groups that are essential for daily tasks, stabilising our ....

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  • Crushing the Myth Teenage Girls Develop Bulky Muscles From Strength Training

    Crushing the Myth Teenage Girls Develop Bulky Muscles From Strength Training

    Strength training is actually greatly beneficial and healthy for teenage girls. Strengthening the muscles during childhood and teenage years are prime due to neuromuscular adaptations and skill development. Although boys may develop bigger muscles during their growing years because of the effects of natural anabolic hormones and testosterone. Females do not carry anywhere near the amount of testosterone and natural anabolic hormones that males do which are essential for muscle growth and increasing size. When girls participate in strength training, they can get stronger throughout childhood and teenage years while gaining all the benefits from strength training without developing bulky ....

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  • How To Avoid Being Sick Over Winter

    How To Avoid Being Sick Over Winter

    As we head into the colder months, there have been many warnings from health professionals that this winter, it's going to be easier to be sick, and we're seeing it already. So it's going to be more important to look after our health over the winter months. One simple thing you can do is make sure you're having a protein source at each meal. Protein isn't well known for improving our immunity as our antibodies are made up of the protein we eat in our diet. Sources of protein include: Red meat Poultry Eggs Dairy - milk, yoghurt, cheese Vegetarian alternatives - beans and pulses Protein powders - why protein, isolate and why protein concentrate New research is beginning ....

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  • Crushing the Myth Youth Need to be Over 12+ Years Old to Participate in Strength Training

    Crushing the Myth Youth Need to be Over 12+ Years Old to Participate in Strength Training

    Although there is no evidence-based minimum age for participation in a youth strength training program. All participants should be able to accept directions and follow safety rules within a gym. We have seen many boys and girls younger than 12 years old participating safely in supervised strength training programs. Generally, youth are ready for sport participation when they are around the ages of 7 or 8 years old. This usually indicates that they have the ability to listen and follow directions of the sport coach. When children start to play sport we believe it is also crucial for athletes to participates in some form of strength training and physical development. Strength training also ....

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  • Crushing the Myth Strength Training Will Stunt the Growth of Children and Teens

    Crushing the Myth Strength Training Will Stunt the Growth of Children and Teens

    Does strength training stunt growth of children and teens? Short answer ... NO! From birth we are under consistent resistance from gravity. Twenty four hours of the day gravity is pushing us down. When you are sleeping, walking, running, getting up from your chair. Our body is naturally always under resistance. From as young as 1 years old, children are walking, crawling, running, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing and all sorts of activities. These all require some level of strength! As children get older they start playing sports which require sprinting, jumping, changing directions, taking high impacts through the body from bumps or tackles. It's very clear that strength is ....

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  • Crushing the Myth that Strength Training in the Gym is Unsafe for Children and Teens

    Crushing the Myth that Strength Training in the Gym is Unsafe for Children and Teens

    Strength training can be dangerous or harmful for a child or teen when the gym is not appropriately supervised or guided. Strength training can be extremely safe under the supervision of an educated, experienced and qualified coach. Unfortunately big box gyms/24 hour gyms are just not suited for children and teens for a number of reasons. The equipment is designed for fully grown adults. Kids and teens are more likely to train well beyond their current capacity, thus increasing the risk of injury. Limited supervision; so when something goes wrong, it's too late essentially. Personal Trainers who work there are typically not experienced in programming and training youth. ....

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  • Strengthening Your Immune System

    Strengthening Your Immune System

    As the days get colder, it can become harder to be motivated to train. It's also becoming more evident to remain fit and healthy during the winter months as many illnesses are already circulating. There is a strong correlation between your fitness level and your ability to fight off illness and infection. The fitter you are, the less sever the symptoms will be and you'll recover faster. Exercise improves your body's immune defense systems. So start training 2x a week working on the whole body with resistance training and some cardio afterward to boost your immune strength! Get stronger, fitter and healthier through strength training! Get in touch with us today ....

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  • Cold Weather Warm-ups and Avoiding Injury

    Cold Weather Warm-ups and Avoiding Injury

    As it gets colder in Melbourne, it can be more discouraging to get out to exercise/train. This also applies to sport training. The cold weather is more likely to increase the risk of injury if we're not appropriately physically prepared to train. And if we overheat, we increase the risk of injury as well. Here's three reasons why you should adapt your warm-up based on weather conditions. Reason 1 The same warm-up you always perform is usually designed for ideal conditions. If we only spend 5 minutes warming up when it's 8 degrees outside and no heating indoors, we can guarantee you won't be warm at all. As your body temperate is lower, you'll require more time to warm up to feel ....

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