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Why Celebrating Small Wins Are Important For Young Athletes

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Why Celebrating Small Wins Are Important For Young Athletes

Many of our young swimming athletes competed at the recent age state competition, signalling the end of the short course season. This time of year also brings in the end of the season for a lot of other winter sports.

This is the time to reflect and celebrate on any progress and improvement made over the last season or beginning of this year. Recognising PB's, awards, increased consistency, reduction of injury or increased enjoyment are all valid metrics you can look at when celebrating little wins.

Over the past two weekends we've had 6 swimmers competing at stages. Together they were able to achieve 33 PB's! This is a massive result for them personally and a testament to the hard work they put in from the end of their long course season about 4 months ago. They've worked closely with their strength coaches, swim coaches and physio's to ensure they were feeling fresh, powerful and ready to compete.

Our young athletes started their preparation completing the 1x20 program to build a strong base, prioritising high volume and a high variety of exercises to prevent any lagging muscle groups. We then moved to a strength endurance phase, undergoing 30:30 and 40:20 circuits to really test their resilience and ability to continue to produce force whilst under high levels of fatigue. We then lastly incorporated a power phase prior to competition to peak them for short course. They all worked very hard and continued to communicate with their coaches to best manage fatigue and any niggles to ensure progress can continue to be maintained.

It can be really easy for your young for your young athletes to become overwhelmed with the massive workloads they have to undertake each week. With constant study, tests and homework to complete on top of all their sport training, the light at the end of the tunnel can begin to dampen and the grind can start to feel endless.

This is where it's really important as parents, coaches or mentors that you are celebrating and recognising the wins each week. Whether it be as small as completing some homework on time, or playing a good game on the weekend, having a positive attitude and actually recognising the good efforts rather than letting them be, can really boost your athletes confidence.

The negatives are often the areas highlighted, and a large emphasis is always placed on improving their weaknesses. However, their strengths have to be equally if not more highlighted as these qualities are going to get them to where they want to go.

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Matt Hucul
Junior Strength Coach
Inner Athlete (AUS)

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