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How Soups Can Help You Lose and Keep Off the Winter Weight

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How Soups Can Help You Lose and Keep Off the Winter Weight

During the winter months it becomes easier to stay inside meaning you are less physically active than you would normally be in the warmer months. You're less likely to go for a bike ride with friends or go to the park to play sports after school, rather choosing to just sit down in the warmth of the house. That is okay but staying inside means there is a greater likelihood for putting on weight. The two main reasons are: increased snacking because there is always food available to eat when you're bored, and a decrease in your non exercise physical activity meaning you burn less calories.

By incorporating soups and casseroles into your winter diet is a great way to keep you feeling fuller and less likely to continue eating afterwards. Because soups have a higher water content, they fill your stomach up a lot quicker than if you were to eat chips chocolate and other snack foods.

Generally speaking, soups are lower calories and so you can eat more of them too! They're a great way to sneak veggies in for picky eaters and can be made in big batches to eat for the whole week. They're super easy to take for lunches at school or work and also easy to make by only needing one big pot!

Make sure the soups you are choosing to eat aren't always the cream or roux (butter and flour base) heavy options as these ingredients are high in calories. Avoid topping your soups off with too much cream as well and if you are, try choosing the light versions of your preferred toppings.

Soups and casseroles are a great way to get protein in as well, so choose a chicken noodle soup, hearty lentil stew or beef casserole to take to school or work.

A high protein diet combined with your lower calories deficit has been shown to result in greater fat loss and muscle retention/gain compared to a moderate protein diet.

Using cuppa soups and other quick forms are okay too as long as you add plenty of water to bulk out the amount you have.

Try incorporating soups into your diet in the colder months to keep you feeling warmer at nights and the weight off!

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Matt Hucul
Junior Strength Coach
Inner Athlete (AUS)

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