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Time Management for Young Athletes

May 21, 20242 min read

Time management plays a pivotal role in not only completing tasks promptly, but also ensuring the quality of them. Teaching your young athletes this skill early on can set them apart, gaining favour with teachers, coaches, employers and more.

Utilise Google Calendar for Effective Planning

Google Calendar can be a valuable tool in your young athlete's arsenal. With this platform, they can allocate time for homework, studying, sports, training, social activities and relaxation. By creating a structured schedule, tasks are assigned a clear timeline, enhancing both task completion and consistency, even during moments of low motivation. A study comparing different groups' exercise adherence showed that those who planned their activities achieved an impressive 91% adherence rate, in contrast to 35% and 38% for the other groups.

The 25:10 Rule for Optimal Study Session

When it comes to studying, employing the 25:10 rule can help maximise productivity. Most individuals can focus and retain information effectively in shorter 20-30 minute intervals. For instance, if your young athlete has an hour of work, dividing it into two 25-minute work periods with a 10-minute break in between can combat mental fatigue that often arises from prolonged screen exposure.

Balancing Relaxation and Study Time

Remember, scheduling time to unwind is as essential as allocating time to study. Prior blog posts have emphasised the importance of taking breaks to reduce overall stress levels. Setting aside around 45 minutes after school to relax and shift focus away from academic tasks can rejuvenate the mind, resulting in increased motivation to tackle assignments.

Segmenting Your Day: Work vs. Rest

Rather than viewing each day as an undifferentiated block of tasks, encourage your young athlete to divide their day into distinct work and rest periods. This approach helps highlight when focus and concentration are required and when it's acceptable to take a mental break. During relaxation intervals, minimising distractions is vital. Opt for outdoor activities like basketball, kicking around a football, or playing with a pet for about 30 minutes before delving into social media. This practice can ground them and enhance their present-moment awareness.

Harnessing the Value of Time

Every day holds invaluable moments that must be optimised. By incorporating these time management techniques, your young athletes can significantly advance their pursuits within and beyond sports.

Takeaways for Parents of Youth Athletes

Mastering time management is crucial for task completion and quality.</li><li>Google Calendar is a valuable tool to schedule and plan various activities.

The 25:10 rule aids effective studying by maximising focus and retention. Balancing relaxation and study time reduces overall stress. Segmenting the day into work and rest periods enhances focus and mental wellbeing. Prioritising valuable moments to achieve goals in sports and life.

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Matt Hucul
Strength and Conditioning Coach
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