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5 Tips to Keep Healthy and Active During Lockdown

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5 Tips to Keep Healthy and Active During Lockdown

Although we may have restricted access to gyms, fitness facilities and sporting venues. We have an opportunity to remain healthy and sometimes even more physically active.

Here are 5 tips to keep you healthy and physically active during lockdown.

Tip #1  Get More Sleep

  • A lot of us may now be back working from home for a few days next week which means less commute time sitting in the car or on the train to and from work. This allows more time in the day for you! And hopefully allow you 1-2 more hours to sleep in or have a nap during the day. Sleep is so important for our overall health.

Tip #2  Eat Good Quality Food

  • You will also have more time to prepare and cook healthy meals in the comfort of your own home rather than eating out or getting Uber Eats. Get creative, cook nutritious meals, and have fun doing it.

Tip #3  Exercise at Home or Outdoors

  • Training could not get any more convenient. You can train at home or you can enjoy the fresh air and train outside! Whether your strength training or just going for a walk outside. Be sure to schedule this in and commit. Allocate a particular time in the day that you will do that exercise.

Tip #4  Keep Physically Active Around the House

  • Increase your daily NEAT at home. NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) is that energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like-exercise. NEAT activities examples include cleaning the house, mowing the lawns, gardening, cleaning, decluttering or anything that keeps your body moving. In our spare time it's easy to sit down and put Netflix on during lockdown. Instead, let's find ways to be productive and keep active during this time.

Tip #5  Socialise

  • Whether it's with family or friends that live with you or via online video chat. Stay connected with family and friends. Lockdowns tend to slow down our busy lives, so take this opportunity to check in with friends, family and loved ones!

We hope these tips help when you are in lockdown. If you need any guidance with an exercise program, please reach out to us.

Nathan Palenkas
Strength Coach
Inner Athlete AUS

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