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Crushing the Myth Youth Need to be Over 12+ Years Old to Participate in Strength Training

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Crushing the Myth Youth Need to be Over 12+ Years Old to Participate in Strength Training

Although there is no evidence-based minimum age for participation in a youth strength training program. All participants should be able to accept directions and follow safety rules within a gym. We have seen many boys and girls younger than 12 years old participating safely in supervised strength training programs.

Generally, youth are ready for sport participation when they are around the ages of 7 or 8 years old. This usually indicates that they have the ability to listen and follow directions of the sport coach.

When children start to play sport we believe it is also crucial for athletes to participates in some form of strength training and physical development. Strength training also helps improve their ability to control their body, improve coordination, balance and establishing a strong and stable posture that minimises risk of injury when playing sport or just being kids.

From as young as 1 years old, children ware walking, running, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing and all sorts of activities that require strength.

Then as a child starts playing competitive sports as young as 7-8 years old, they are sprinting, jumping, changing directions, taking high impacts through the body when bumped or tackled.

If your child is 7-8 years old, this may actually be the best time to engage in weight-bearing and lifting activities as it enhances bone mineral density, and also strengthens muscles, ligaments and tendons and to be able to tolerate the high forces and impacts of being involved in sports and physical activity.

Regular participation in a well-designed and safe strength training program for 2-3 sessions per week has been shown in scientific studies to have an even greater influence on bone growth and physical development for children and adolescents.

In saying that, be sure to receive guidance from a qualified fitness professional for an individualised program, safe and suited for youth athletes.

If you're thinking about getting your child into some form of strength training whether it's for athletic performance or just health and wellbeing, Inner Athlete coaches have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to coach youth athlete's safely and have reached great success.

Get in touch with us today via email info@inner-athlete.com.au to chat about our youth development program.

Nathan Palenkas
Strength Coach
Inner Athlete

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