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Crushing the Myth Strength Training Will Stunt the Growth of Children and Teens

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Crushing the Myth Strength Training Will Stunt the Growth of Children and Teens

Does strength training stunt growth of children and teens? Short answer ... NO!

From birth we are under consistent resistance from gravity. Twenty four hours of the day gravity is pushing us down. When you are sleeping, walking, running, getting up from your chair. Our body is naturally always under resistance.

From as young as 1 years old, children are walking, crawling, running, jumping, throwing, catching, climbing and all sorts of activities. These all require some level of strength!

As children get older they start playing sports which require sprinting, jumping, changing directions, taking high impacts through the body from bumps or tackles. It's very clear that strength is something developing children acquire naturally. Which is why we believe that it is essential that children and teens should participate in some form of strength training and learn the fundamentals of movement.

There are thousands of scientific research studies indicating that participation in a supervised strength training program will NOT stunt the growth of children or damage developing growth plates. Scientists encourage children to participate in weight-bearing or resistance type activities that enhance bone mineral content and density (bone strength), and also strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons to be able to tolerate the high forces and impacts involved in sports and physical activities.

Regular participation in a well-designed and safe strength training program for 2-3 sessions per week has shown in scientific studies to have great influence on physical development for youth which helps with their ability to control their body, improve co-ordination, balance and establish a strong and stable posture. Strength training is also critical for minimising risk of injuries.

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Nathan Palenkas
Strength Coach
Inner Athlete

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