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The 3 Issues That Need To Stop In Sporting Clubs In Victoria...And The Solutions To Fix It!

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The 3 Issues That Need To Stop In Sporting Clubs In Victoria...And The Solutions To Fix It!

Issue 1 - Running around the outside of the field as a warm-up lap

  • This promotes poor running mechanics as it's usually half-arsed, and this time could be better used to take them through a structured warm-up designed to get them better prepared for training or performance.

Solution - get straight into a structured dynamic warm-up. Enables you to spend more time doing drills and tactical work.

Issue 2 - Recovering with your hands on your head, coaches say this is 'a sign of weakness'

  • This couldn't be further away from the truth. The research makes the recommendations to not do it as it impedes the Diaphragm from functioning optimally, thus reducing the capacity of the air we breathe in. Hence increases our recovery time = reduced performance.

Solution - Put your hands on your knees and large breaths in via your nose and exhale through your mouth. You'll recover faster!

Issue 3 - Using push-ups (or insert exercise) as a form of punishment

  • From the organisations we have observed, a majority of youth athletes cannot perform well. This also highlights the problem they keep making without providing a solution to fix up the error that is made.

Solution - Coaches, regress the drill, allow them to master the basic skill. Acknowledge the strong execution and quality of the skills performed, make it more complex (rinse and repeat).

We see these as the biggest 3 in club sports at the moment, what issues do you see? Send us an email info@inner-athlete.com.au and let us know.

Trent Pirihi
Founder and Head Strength Coach
Inner Athlete

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