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Mastering the Basics of Strength Training for Youth Athletes

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Mastering the Basics of Strength Training for Youth Athletes

Firstly, what do we mean by 'master the basics'?

The basics really means core or movements that everyone should learn before doing more complex exercises. These movements are the 1st level of establishing sound movement technique, teach body awareness to the athletes, utilise large muscles, and are multi-joint.

The basics provide the starting platform/foundation in someone's training journey to make continual progress in the gym, that will positively transfer across to their sport.

As they make progress, as coaches we can challenge the athlete by progressing their training program with a more advanced exercise (still targeting that movement pattern). E.g. 1DB Goblet squat to a Barbell Front squat.

They're likely to make more progress first with the 1DB Goblet squat first, and as we see progress in the movement, weight, and/or reps, we'll progress them to a Barbell Front squat as they've shown competency in the Goblet squat (And you're limited by how much weight you can hold in your hands).

Good examples of the basics are;

1DB Goblet squat to box

Dowel RDL, Bar push up

1/2 Kneel band row

Kneeling plank hold

Split squat


Poor examples of the basics are;

Donkey kickback

Bicep curls

Barbell Power clean

KB swing


TikTok, IG, YouTube, and FB have really allowed youth athletes to become more exposed to the fitness industry and the exercise routines these influencers put up. Whilst it might be great to see more teens get active, we inherently miss a big point for youth athletes to master the basics.

When we in still the basics into youth athletes, we;

Strengthen their body as a whole

Establish sound technique

Reduce the likelihood of sustaining an injury

Get better results over the long term


If you're needing help with mastering the basics, contact us today so we can get you making real progress! Email: info@inner-athlete.com.au.

Trent Pirihi
Founder and Head Strength Coach
Inner Athlete

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