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Treat Your Body As A Business

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Treat Your Body As A Business

What you put in and expose your body will dictate what you get in return.

At Inner Athlete we teach our members to understand this idea of 'treat your body as a business' for longevity to continue to work in their chosen field.

Your body and health allows you to make money (and add value to society).

If you eat crap, have poor sleep, abuse your body, and don't look after yourself on a daily basis, your business (your body) will begin to show weaknesses.

And, eventually breakdown later down the track.

This means you'll have to spend heaps more money  to ‘get fixed’ ie doctors, medication, therapy.  Get stuck on the sidelines (unable to perform work tasks), and you'll be limited to make money. This pattern usually repeats itself if no intervention is in place.

You can fix this!


James’ Story

James has been with us for the last 12 months. He had pre-existing injuries and wanted to get his health back on track. 

He had lower back injuries he had to overcome. His confidence was low and didn't respect his body as he was continually eating crap. 

Over time James’ strength and fitness began to improve and we pushed him enough each time to continue to make progress.

His eating improved resulting in weight loss, increase in energy, and feeling a lot stronger to keep up with his kids.

Now he's working 3-days a week doing landscape maintenance work and is able to power through his workday unscathed.

He (the business) is now adding value to society and being paid for adding value.


Treat Your Body As a Business

When you treat your body as a business, you want to be running in tip-top shape, working efficiently, and improve productivity (and $$$).

The areas of investment are training, good food, sleep, self-care, and having strong relationships with loved ones.  When these areas are met, your productivity and output will improve!

We all want more money, but not many of us are willing to invest in our health to continue to make money.

Contact Inner Athlete if you are willing to invest in your health.

Trent Pirihi
Founder and Head Strength Coach
Inner Athlete

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