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The Effects of Strength Training on Your Well Being - Part 2

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The Effects of Strength Training on Your Well Being - Part 2

Beside gaining more muscular strength and size, strength training has numerous health related benefits including developing and improving movement efficiency, protecting bone and muscle health and fat loss and maintenance.

Develop and improve your movement efficiency

Regular and frequent strength training develops and improves your body’s ability to control movement and perform movement more effectively and efficiently.

The more frequently you perform strength training movements, the greater your ability to move more efficiently and effectively.

Strength training is like any other skill. Whether you’re learning to drive or learning to ride a bike. The more you practice the better you get at performing that skill.

Protect your muscle and bone health

As you age, it becomes harder to maintain and develop muscle mass and bone mineral density (BMD). This usually occurs more rapidly after the age of 30 years old for individuals that do little to no Strength Training. As mentioned earlier, the bones and muscles work together in order to move our body.

Developing and maintaining your bone and muscle health include the following benefits:

  • Increased balance and proprioception
  • Increased muscular strength
  • Increased bone strength (bone mineral density)
  • Decreased risk of injury, falls, bone fractures and osteoporosis
  • Decreased ageing effects
  • Increased metabolic rate and fat loss
  • Improved immune system & much more!

Research reveals that muscle loss and bone loss in adults who do not perform strength training may experience a reduction in muscle mass and bone mineral density (BMD) after the ages of 30 years.

Research supports that strength training promotes
muscle gain and an increase in bone strength

There are also indications that strength training prevents or reverses muscle and bone loss.

Aids fat loss and maintenance

Strength training in conjunction with a healthy diet is also an effective way to achieve body composition goals. Research shows us that when there is an increase in muscle mass, there is an increase in resting metabolic rate and improvement in insulin sensitivity. Essentially the more muscle you gain the greater energy expenditure at rest, therefore inducing fat loss and ability to maintain body weight.

If you would like to gain the mentioned health related benefits and follow a structured strength training program to do at home and/or outdoors, Inner Athlete can design a program for your individual needs and you don’t even need to have gym equipment!

You’ll also have weekly support, guidance and accountability from your own personal strength coach.

Your program will be tailored to suit your goals and take into account your current fitness levels, medical history and injuries so you also exercise safely!

So if you want help with achieving your health and fitness goals, contact us on 0411 145 166 or email us.

Nathan Palenkas
Strength Coach
Inner Athlete (Aus)



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