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The Effects of Strength Training on Your Well Being - Part 1

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The Effects of Strength Training on Your Well Being - Part 1

Beside gaining more muscular strength and size strength training has numerous health related benefits including, boosting energy levels and mood, improved sleep and burning more calories.

Boosts your energy levels and elevates mood
Are you bored with your current exercise regime? Adding strength training sessions can add great variety in your exercise regime, making it fun and enjoyable while getting the added health benefits.

When you are strength training, your body naturally releases a chemical called endorphins which have a number of positive effects on the brain and nervous system. Essentially it stimulates a positive feeling in the brain which then boosts your energy levels and mood. The feeling is amazing and we highly recommend adding some Strength or Resistance training to your exercise regime.

Improves your sleep
When you exercise or are more physically active during the day you tend to feel more tired by the evening. The same effect happens with strength training, as a form of exercise.

Chemicals called adenosine and melatonin are what prepares the body for sleep. Adenosine increases through the day in order to help your body to sleep by night. The more adenosine you accumulate the easier it will be to fall asleep at night. Strength training helps increase those adenosine levels.

Melatonin starts to increase at night or in darkness closer to sleep time and helps prepare your body for sleep. In combination, the two chemicals promote sleep, suppress arousal and lower heart rate. Essentially helping you fall asleep and have a good night rest.

If you want to know more about the importance of sleep or how to get a better nigh sleep check out my blog on “The Importance of Sleep on your Health and Well Being”.

Burn more calories long term, BUT…

Strength training burns a lot of calories alone and in the long term. It helps increase muscle mass and an increase in resting metabolic rate. When you build more muscle mass, it requires more energy to sustain it. Therefore, the more muscle you gain the greater calories burned at rest.

However, strength training in combination with other forms of exercise and a good healthy diet will have a great effect on health, fat loss and weight maintenance.

Adopt strength training into your exercise regime and experience the amazing benefits!

Would you like to gain the mentioned health related benefits but struggling to follow a structured program tailored to your health and fitness goals?

Inner Athlete can help!

We’ll construct a program tailored to suit your goals and take into account your current fitness levels, medical history and injuries so you also exercise safely!

You will also have weekly support, guidance and accountability from your own personal strength coach.
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