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How to Adapt Your Workout From the Gym to Your Home

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How to Adapt Your Workout From the Gym to Your Home

Gyms are closed, fitness equipment is in short supply and Zoom group training sessions are advertised every 5 minutes on social media. This will create an issue where every day gym-goers are performing generic training programs or classes.

Whilst this is good for some…

Many will struggle or potentially injure themselves.

Injury can happen if you’re used to doing a particular training style, i.e. if your regular workout is using machines and cables only, you have the restriction of using what you have access to. Then if you decide to do a Zoom group training class, you haven’t done before, you’re making yourself susceptible to injury.

That is why we believe (and many top-level coaches will always recommend) keeping your training program/routine as similar as possible to what you have done in the past. This will help you to transition to training at home and reduce the risk of injury as there is a high level of familiarity with the movements.

By using the examples below, you can successfully target certain muscle groups you’re used to by exercising with bands, backpack and some textbooks to weigh it down:

  • Leg press/hack squat machine > Air squat, Backpack squat, Heels elevated squat
  • Chest press, Bench press (Incline/Decline/Flat) > Push ups (Kneeling, Full, hands elevated, feet elevated, banded), Banded chest press (Single-arm, Alternating-arm, Incline, decline).
  • Seated rows/Lat pulldown > Single arm band row, 2-point single-arm band row, Banded seated row, Banded Lat pulldown, Straight arm pulldown, Single-arm band pulldown
  • Shoulder press > Yoga push up, Banded face pull, Banded upright row, Banded Single-arm shoulder press, Banded shoulder press, Z-Press
  • Deadlift/Back extensions > Banded deadlift, Single-leg band deadlift, Banded RDL, Band pull-though, Banded hip thrusts
  • Ab machine > Plank, Side plank (holds and lifts), Band Pall of presses (and all variations), Dead bug (and all other variations)

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to modifying your training routine. Just because you cannot do the same exercises, doesn’t mean you should stop them all of a sudden.

All of our clients have stuck to their current training program formats and have substituted the exercises based on the equipment they have available.

Struggling adapting your training program to your current situation?

Please reach out for a free 20-minute training “audit” where we can discuss your current training program and how we can maximise what you have access to and keep you on track with your health and fitness. Email us at info@inner-athlete.com.au.

So if you need help with setting up an at-home program and don’t know where to begin, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist.

Trent Pirihi
Founder and Head Strength Coach
Inner Athlete

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