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Personalised Fitness Training in Cheltenham

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Get Your Life Back On Track With Personalised Fitness Training in Cheltenham

You're feeling older than you really are, putting on excess weight, wavering in your self-confidence, and it's holding you back from enjoying your life. With Inner Athlete, you can get back to living your life the way that you want. Our Strong, Fit, & Lean program is a personalised fitness training designed to help you build strength and stay energized throughout your day. We're proud to work with nurses and emergency service workers in Cheltenham and can't wait to help you stand up to the challenges you face at work with ease.

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Fitness Training Emphasizing Strength and Conditioning in Cheltenham

At Inner Athlete, we prepare a customised workout routine that's designed to help you achieve your individual goals. As many of our current clients, your goals may be to stay strong for the demands of your job or to relieve the constant aches and pains that accompany your high-stress line of work. 

No matter your goals, our certified strength coaches will help you discover an individualised, sustainable fitness solution. From Cheltenham to Dingley and Parkdale, we're helping men and women rediscover their confidence and ignite a new passion for health and wellness!

Invest in Yourself With the Help of Inner Athlete

You've invested time in studying and finally building a career wanting to serve and help others. Your service shouldn't come at the cost of your own health! Our Strong, Fit, & Lean program is an accessible option similar to personal training with the added support of our small-group settings. We are able to provide a completely customised fitness plan for each person that trains with us and never train in groups larger than 8 so that, even while sharing a strength coach, everyone gets the guidance and attention needed to succeed!

We're helping young professionals in Cheltenham get back on track to:
  • Overcome injury and burnout
  • Move pain-free with increased energy
  • Feel and look better with improved confidence
  • Be happier and healthier


"I had lower back pain and knee issues from nursing. I couldn't sit or walk for long periods. I was unable to do everyday activities like shopping or cleaning without feeling pain.

My GP said I would have to take strong pain medication and just have to live with it! I did get treated by a chiropractor but wasn’t able to recover quickly.

I am really happy that I joined Inner Athlete. It's been 5 months since I started the program and I haven't seen my chiropractor since.

I was initially scared as I never trained in a 'gym' environment. I didn’t exercise.

Now I’m able to clean, go shopping and work without worrying about my back.

I feel really supported."


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Strength and Conditioning near Cheltenham

Schedule your first conversation with one of our certified strength coaches to discuss your personal needs.

Step 2. Design Your Program
Strength and Conditioning near Cheltenham

Together, we'll customise your training to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Step 3. See Results
Strength and Conditioning near Cheltenham

With your personalised program and individualised guidance, start training properly to gain strength and avoid injury.

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