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Strength, Power, & Speed in Cheltenham

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Step Up Your Game With Our Strength, Power, & Speed Program

You're constantly injured and it stops you from being your best. You're confused about how to improve your athletic performance. You're sick and tired of feeling weak, inflexible, and slow.

Our Strength, Power, & Speed program at Inner Athlete in Cheltenham can help young athletes 12 years and older take their skills to the next level and watch their hard work translate into performance on the field. 

Our Sports Performance Training System Relies On Years Of Expertise 

These semi-private (small group) workouts provide foundational tools as well as sport-specific movements for any kind of sport!

Our team of strength coaches has years of experience developing young athletes to national titles, successful return from injury, and help boost their self-confidence.

Whether it's off-season, pre-season, overcoming an injury, or wanting to improve your on-field/court performance, our customised programs are designed to ensure our young athletes are adequately prepared to perform their best in their sport.

You'll stay motivated and build confidence in yourself as you challenge yourself week in and week out. We also provide nutritional support, recovery programs, and mentoring.

Strength, Power, & Speed will help you: 
  • Build functional strength so you reduce your risk of injury
  • Improve your mobility, speed, and agility to improve your sporting performance
  • Learn how external factors like nutrition, recovery, and mental preparation positively affect your sporting performance

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