To stay in compliance with regulations, we're unable to train in person at this time. But we can still help you on your fitness journey!

Join the Inner Home Athlete Program for a customised training program and weekly support from your own Strength Coach.


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Strength, Power, & Speed in Cheltenham

Step Up Your Game With Our Strength, Power, & Speed Program

Separate yourself from the competition with the best sports training plan in town. Our Strength, Power, & Speed program at Inner Athlete in Cheltenham can help young athletes 10 years and older take their skills to the next level and watch their hard work translate into performance on the field. 

These semi-private workouts foster a competitive environment and provide foundational tools for a wide range of sports as well as sport-specific movements for any kind of sport! 

Our Sports Performance Training System Relies On Years Of Expertise 

At Inner Athlete, we're not guessing. Our staff is full of accomplished coaches who have worked with some of the best athletes in town. Our goal is to blend our proven system of strength, power, speed, and fitness conditioning training with your unique skill set and the goals you hope to achieve. Whether it's off-season, pre-season, overcoming an injury, or wanting to improve your on-field/court performance, our customised programs are designed to ensure athletes are adequately prepared to perform their best in their sport.

You'll stay motivated like never before and build confidence in yourself as you challenge yourself week in and week out. We also provide nutritional support, recovery programs, and mentoring for every athlete.

Strength, Power, & Speed can help you: 

  • Build functional strength
  • Improve your mobility, speed, and agility
  • Move more efficiently in everything you do
  • Learn how to juggle exterior factors like nutrition, rest, and mental preparation 

PLUS, With Our Sports Performance Training, You Can Stay On The Path To Your Goals

Injuries happen - There's no way to prevent that.

But you can reduce the risk with improved movement and a sustainable training routine that prepares your body for the rigors of competition. At Inner Athlete, our athletes learn how to fuel their bodies and understand how every muscle works in unison to make every catch, throw, or shot look great.

With the help of our dedicated staff, you can:

  • Identify and improve your areas of weakness
  • Gain flexibility and reduce stress on your joints
  • Learn how to treat your body in-season, out of season, and everywhere in between

There's No Better Way To Rise Above The Rest. Get More Today With Our Strength, Power, & Speed Training In Cheltenham!

Whether your goal is to make the team or set a school record, we're ready to help you make it happen. Join us in Cheltenham today and see how much you have to gain.

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