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Athletic Testing

To ensure your training is effective, testing is key to determine if you're progressing or regressing in your athletic pursuits.

Our fitness testing combine covers the main components of fitness that are evident in a majority of sports including:

 Change of direction/agility
 Upper/lower body power
 Lower body strength

We will identify how athletic you are and identify your areas of strength/improvement.

You can also see how you stack up against your teammates to see who’s the fittest/strongest/fastest.

Following testing, each athlete will receive a report of results and suggestions for improvements.

The athletic testing is for young athletes serious about competing in:

  • Soccer Football (AFL)
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Track and field

Performance Consultations

Our Performance Consultation breaks down how the young athlete works and operates on a daily basis, their behaviour patterns and hurdles that continue to occur.

We identify the key issues affecting their progress and how to overcome them with simple and practical solutions.

Performance Consultations are for youth athletes aged between 14-18 yrs old who are:

  • Lost or distracted in their daily life
  • Struggling with grades and/or not making progress in their athletic development
  • Mentally and physically struggle to overcome injuries
  • Seen a decline in their sport performance
  • They want to instill better habits but struggle to do so

We identify the key issues affecting their progress and how to overcome them with simple and practical solutions.

“Goals don’t get you to your destination, that is just the outcome. Systems and discipline are the steps to achieving your goals.”

“Motivation never helped anyone achieve their goals, discipline and systems have.”


Activation is a cutting edge treatment system. It tackles the actual cause of the injury rather than just treating symptoms.

  • Feel like you’ve tried every solution to overcome your injuries and it doesn't seem to go away?
  • Is constant stress impacting the way you move and sleep?
  • Feel like your mobility doesn’t seem to improve at all, no matter what you try?

The results from an Activation session impacts all aspects of;

  • Sporting performance, mobility, and strength
  • Injury prevention
  • Focus and spatial awareness

With this systematic approach we look at movement in sequencing of movement and muscle activation. This hands-on system was developed by Douglass Heel. He has worked with world leaders, high-performers, and professional athletes around the world.

If your traditional ways have held you back from overcoming injuries, haven’t been able to break through plateaus, and looking for stress relief activation is for you!

Take control of your health, movement, and performance.Whether you are in pain or want to feel, function and move better, activation will help you get there.

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