To stay in compliance with regulations, we're unable to train in person at this time. But we can still help you on your fitness journey!

Join the Inner Home Athlete Program for a customised training program and weekly support from your own Strength Coach.


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Inner Home Athlete

Get Personalised Training From Anywhere With Inner Home Athlete

Do you work odd hours? Do you have a crazy schedule or live too far away to attend our training facility but you still want to take advantage of having a customised training program with your own strength and conditioning coach? 

Our Inner Home Athlete Online Coaching gives you the chance to work with one of our certified strength coaches to revitalize your fitness, whether you're here in Cheltenham or traveling abroad. You'll have full contact with your trainer, get a customised training plan, and get access to our full suite of nutritional resources -- all remotely! As much as we'd love for you to join us in person, we understand that life can be complicated. Make it a little simpler with Inner Home Athlete. 

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Why Choose Inner Home Athlete?

Sometimes traditional fitness training can be difficult to access for people who work hectic schedules, unusual hours, or have time-consuming obligations. That's why Inner Athlete is proud to offer Online Training that brings our renowned training programs to your phone, laptop, or computer -- wherever life takes you. Even if you can't join us at our facility in Cheltenham, you can connect with our coaches and get regular updates on your individualized training program, nutrition, webinars, and more!

Don't let a loaded schedule stop you from enjoying the benefits of fitness and training. Training in a way that's right for your body will do more than just help you lose weight and create a better functioning you -- you'll experience reduced stress and anxiety, enjoy boosted energy in everyday life, and get higher-quality sleep.

Inner Home Athlete will connect you with:
  • Individual virtual assessments with one of Melbourne's best strength & conditioning coaches
  • A personalised training program taking into consideration your health, fitness goals, and pre-existing injuries
  • Nutrition planning included in your program
  • Exercises using everyday items already in your home - no expensive equipment required!

You don't have to be with us in Cheltenham, training on our schedule, to get a great workout. We'll bring the workout to you! Inner Home Athlete is a powerful resource for anyone who spends time traveling or simply doesn't have the flexibility to make it to Inner Athlete for our regular fitness sessions. We'll take the time to check in with you every week to keep you accountable & motivated, change your exercises as you adjust so you can see real results, and keep your nutrition on track through our Inner Athlete app.

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Contact our team at Inner Athlete and schedule either an in-person or remote consultation. We'll talk about your goals, your fitness history, your unique needs, and how we can make your goals happen. Whether you're here in Cheltenham or across the country, Inner Home Athlete makes fitness training accessible. Gain access to our Inner Athlete Private Facebook Group and stay connected and up to date with all the latest tips to keep you focused and motivated on your health and fitness journey.

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