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Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I have been training with Trent for about 8 months. I also have arthritis and have I found that doing strength training and mobility exercises have been really helpful in building strength around my lower back and knees which are my main problem areas. I have also lost 16kgs so far .

I am a nurse but I’m currently working in hospitality and training benefits both of those jobs to keep strong. Before I always had sore feet and back and didn’t really know what to do about it."


Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"My training before I started with Inner Athlete was twice a week with my Rugby team and none in the off-season. Since training with Inner Athlete, I have noticed my general fitness has improved, as well as more strength throughout my whole body. This has been shown throughout my games with a lot more strength in my passing and tackling. I’m also able to play the whole game and feel as though I could go another 30 minutes."


Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I have a Rugby league background. Training at Inner Athlete has provided me with more confidence on the field and the ability to recover more quickly

I feel a lot stronger and more comfortable moving around. I’ve developed a different mindset of how to prepare my body. It’s made me more aware of my body in the gym and has translated positively on the field.

I feel great! Most proud of being able to squat freely without the fear of getting pain in my hip. I can press weights overhead without getting shoulder pain and I’m more confident in myself."

Nic Flocas
Vice Captain of Victorian Thunderbolts

Nic Flocas

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"Team Inner Athlete have honestly been a remarkable asset in my recovery from very bad health. Like so many others who suffer, I had addiction problems spread across the board and I was grossly over weight.

Their tailored approach to my mental health and fitness has enabled me to add routine and formed an important solid base line in my life. I have lost nearly 20kg in the last 6 months and I am back on track to feeling as fit and healthy as I have been in a long time.

I am also gratefully impressed in their agility to adapt to an online program platform so we can continue to maintain our health and well-being at home in these changing times."

James Woodcock

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"With a sore shoulder and sciatic nerve pain, I used to find it difficult getting out of bed in the mornings. All that’s changed and I’m playing my best golf ever! Mentally I feel so much better!"

Karen Etherton

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I was getting depressed, really tired in the evenings, no motivation and really embarrassed about my body to the point I didn’t take my top off for a year! I’ve now lost 12kgs. The biggest thing is my energy, my work production has gone through the roof, my brain is ticking over and I couldn’t have done it without Trent and the team at Inner Athlete."


Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I commenced training with Inner Athlete at the start of 2018. I was on the cusp of making the State team in Track Cycling in Victoria, at the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). Fast forward 8 months… I won 4 junior national titles in 4 different races, becoming a Junior National Champion and offered a scholarship into the VIS. From there, I received a position into the Junior Australian Track Cycling team to race the world’s best Juniors in Germany in August 2019."

Bill Simpson

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I had a back injury 2 years ago from my work as a nurse. This required 6 months of physio to get properly back on track. I let that lapse and I started to get back pain again. I knew I needed rehab. I started at the gym a couple of months earlier but didn’t know what to do and would get bored. I had no structure or plan.

I haven’t had any back pain since training with you. I’m definitely getting stronger and feeling more confident in the gym.

I feel proud of myself and more motivated to keep going.

I like that the exercises in the program are achievable and not too far out of reach."


Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I’ve been training at Inner Athlete for about 6 months now. The first time I went to squat an 8kg dumb bell and struggled to get back up! Just now I completed my first ever 70kg squat with the weight on my shoulders and I’m pretty proud of that! I love training here because it’s almost a family, everyone knows each other, you can have a nice long chat. Trent is a really good trainer because he always has something new for you to do. My dad is the one who got me to come down for the first time. He has been training here for about a year and a half. He’s been telling me to get my bum off the couch and come and train with him! So I had to come and give it a go!"

Jake Boyle

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I’m a primary school teacher and have been training with Trent at Inner Athlete for about 3 months and absolutely loving it. I am getting into more of a routine with my exercise and life in general. I am really enjoying the strength training which has been helping me with my ballroom dancing."

Sally Wickes

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I’m Matt and I am a plumber. I previously had back issues, couldn’t walk for 2 weeks. Going back 2 years, I was going to the Chiropractor every 2-3 weeks. Since coming to Inner Athlete, I haven’t been to a Chiropractor in about 4 months. I have no back issues or pain and it’s been really good. Highly recommend doing it!"

Matt Taylor

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"I used to suffer from a lot of back pain. I would study and sit down alot. I would get back pain and pain in my lower right hip. I saw a Chiro and this alleviated it for a bit but it was expensive. Now that I’m exercising with Trent, I don’t get the pains at all and I sit for the same amount of time! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, I breathe easier, stand taller and have a much more quality of life. My sleep is better, I’m waking up more energetic and it’s made a huge difference! I’m excited to keep going and happy and proud of myself."

Stephan, Mordialloc

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"My health and fitness wasn’t very good when I started. I’m 46 years old and I hadn’t done a lot of exercise due to family and work commitments. Over the last 9-10 months I’m much fitter, much stronger and lifting weights I didn’t think I’d be able to. I’m currently able to deadlift 80 plus kilograms and working towards 100 kg very soon. I feel really good with my results! It’s helping me more than just lifting weights. It’s helped me think about how I approach other things in my life too."

Steve, Cheltenham

Fitness Training near Cheltenham

"Its been great working out here with Trent. I’ve lost about 65kgs so far. Spending my time with Trent, it’s a great experience working out with him."

Justin Bowyer

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